A man without a past…After a tragic circumstance stole his memory. On a planet where chaos thrives and blood is spilt, how long would it take for anyone to lose themself? T romance drama

The Scientist

The truth is out and now the world knows Superman's secret identity as Clark Kent. After losing his powers, Clark became someone he had never wanted to be. Now with his powers back he is hellbent on winning back one Diana Prince. When the appearance of a mysterious stranger threatens to turn the tide... M romance drama

Dear Mount Olympus

A Goddess has returned back to her rightful mantle of the title Wonder Woman to the world of Man. Two kindred souls are reunited; and all as they say in the terms of poetic justice is at peace in the world. Mount Olympus is victorious and the Gods smile gaily upon mankind. The world of man was once the place for an Amazon; but what kind of place will it be for a God. M drama