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A Year-Long Search (Prologue 1.6)

Superman's year-long search for Paradise Island! K

Red, Blue, Yellow Out Of The Sky (prologue 1.5)

Superman crashes to Paradise Island, he meets Princess Diana! K

A Prophecy And Reunion (Prologue)

Diana and Hippolyta learns a horrible prophecy. Clark Kent returns to Paradise Island! K

Searching For A Place To Belong

Clark Kent has always felt different, wondering who he is and what his purpose is in life. He wants to be left alone, but the world will never stop being in danger. When the Justice League unites, Clark stays in the shadows, but he soon realizes that he won't be able to hide forever, especially from a certain Amazon. AU! SM/WW It's rated 'M' for a reason. A Superman Trilogy! DCEU! M alien-culture alien-biology realistic ptsd consequences relationships original-character-deaths long-term-relationships loss-of-parents intelligent-superman brutal-batman kryptonian-biology mentions-of-history re-imagined-origins krypton-explored olympians amazons atlanteans

A Matter Of Circumstance

There was prophecy that would end Apollo's reign. A tale of two friends and their obstacles. I, the writer, present you the tale of a fallen Kryptonian and the Amazon Princess. Formerly A Princess's Tale T romance fantasy

JLXN52: SupermanXWonder Woman: Ocean of Love

A series of one-shots for Superman/Wonder Woman romance. Related to my main story, Justice League Xenoverse: New 52 THE MULTIVERSAL CONFLICT. M romance

The Keeper

Clark Kent is more than comfortable with his simple life. Living under the radar, blending in with mankind. But when a mysterious woman wounds up injured on the Kent farm, Clark makes it his mission to nurse her back to health. However as he starts to get to know her he comes to the realization that they might share a lot more in common than he initially thought... T

Atticus and the Throne of Atlantis

Atticus going through a rebellious phase such as smoking, drinking, and his grades in school are even slipping. This worries everyone, and it's because his birthday is coming up, and he wonders what the point of his life is and wonders about the family he never knew about, and when a new member of the Justice League is about, he goes on a self-discovery journey in this adventure. T hurt-comfort drama

Inferno Dreams

She was a fire that refused to cease. A wind on its own course, trying to find its way through a myriad of leaves. M romance

An Unkindness Of Ravens

"Diana Prince's life seemed to be a steady stream of screwed up scenarios and alternate endings to the cracked film reel of her life. This stupid world. There was no peace with it. The Gods gathered up the good ones, or orchestrated it so that one was doomed to be stuck in a cycle of never ending anguish." When the word turns it's back on you, you turn your back on the world... T romance angst