A Morning In Paradise

This follows An Afternoon in Paradise. Superman / Wonder Woman fluff fic. M romance humor

An Afternoon in Paradise

Wonder Woman / Superman fluff fic. One-Shot. M romance humor

What Happens Under the Conference Table

The Batman has an issue with Superman and Wonder Woman during a JLA Meeting. A short one-shot inspired by a Fan Art piece titled JLA Meeting by fellow fan, Meejay. Check out the Fan Art Page at the Archive to see the artwork. T humor romance

Smallville: Return of an Amazon

This story picks up a few years after Arrival of an Amazon. Diana returns for a visit. Superman / Wonder Woman. Set sometime during Season 8. T romance smallville

Smallville: Arrival of an Amazon

An Amazon arrives in Smallville on a mission, and, naturally, Clark assists her. A friendship develops between the future superheroes, Superman and Wonder Woman. Set sometime between Seasons 5 and 6. T romance smallville

Lost Night

In WW141 "Trinity", Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman were linked telepathically by a dream. If Diana and Kal were in that shared dream together where everything - including their kisses - was real, what happened on their wedding night? One-Shot piece. M romance

What Would Diana Do?

A ficlet that accompanies an answer to a question posed by Arcadia81 in the SM/WW Yahoo Group. M romance humor