Pardon My Past

This is a thrilling story of a stressed Diana Prince who is thrown back 71 years into Clark Kent's apartment during the WWII era after she discovers a strange device. However, during this process, Diana's memory of the future and herself is wiped clean and a rather handsome Clark Kent is the only one who can help her. T romance humor

The Switch

Chaos ensue when enemies join forces to help Clark and Diana spend time together. T humor romance


Diana is beautiful, intelligent, and successful. There's no reason she should be lingering on the love she lost before she graduated college; yet when she moves into town to find Clark Kent on his knee, proposing, she realizes she isn't quite over the boy from Kansas. She's hoping their friends will help her move on, but they all need a little help figuring out life as well. M romance humor

Amazon Anesthesia Allocution

An injured and delirious Wonder Woman lays everything on the table for Superman. 1 Shot K+ humor friendship

World Domination Pillow Talk

Clark and Diana discuss the pros and cons of becoming dictators. One shot. SM/WW T humor romance

Almost Lost

Clark needs to move on and Diana needs to let fear not control her only then can their happiness come. T romance humor

Fix my baby

Two babies and a bunch of grownups running from red eyes, A angry Diana wanting her older lover back. K+ humor supernatural

Wrong Earth, Kryptonian

Diana was having a great life till Clark Kent came along. Hold on! Not Clark Kent/Superman, her lover. But yes, it is Clark Kent/Superman… just not HER Kal. Now who is this stranger claiming to be Clark and what does he want? T romance humor

The World is Changed - Man of Steel and Woman of Gold

Clark and Diana attempt to build a strong and loving relationship as Superman vows to protect the ideals of truth and justice as a farm boy from Kansas whilst Wonder Woman fights as the warrior princess from Themyscira. What can they learn from one another about why they choose to fight and will Clark's limitless compassion for all humanity stop him from truly committing to Diana? T romance humor

The Flu

Even Wonder Woman gets sick sometimes, folks. K friendship humor