Love's Reality

Story Challenge: Trapped by the Black Mercy, Diana and Clark live the dream of marriage, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren for a thousand years. They wake to their whole life being an illusion and back to present reality, they are in relationships with other people. Will they remain just friends or pursue their hearts' deepest desire? T romance drama

The Blessing

Story Challenge: Enemies have been defeated, the world is finally at peace. Diana goes to her dearest friend, Clark, to help her with a special request. She wants to have a baby. M romance family

Game of Love and Pain

The Gods like to meddle just for fun or curiousity. When Eros, the God of Love and Desire, decides to test the love of Diana and Kal, Strife, the Goddess of Chaos and Discord wants to help, but things don't go as planned and spiral out of control... T romance hurt-comfort

7 Days of Love

Kal-El makes a plan for him and Diana to spend 7 days in a very special room he built in the Fortress of Solitude. M romance

Something Special

A simple SuperWonder short. Kal does something very special and unexpected for Diana after the tragic events that occurred in new52 Wonder Woman issue 37. T romance

Sweetest Feeling

Kal and Diana have always had the purest, deepest, sweetest relationship. A special bond built from the moment they met. M romance

Care For You

Superman gets severely injured after a battle with Trigon. Wonder Woman makes it her mission to take care of her best friend as he recovers. M romance

A Mother's Past A Daughter Future

When the Queen of the Amazons, Hippolyta realizes her daughter Diana has fallen for a certain Kryptonian, Hippolyta must resolve her inner conflict with her own past experiences with love to accept and trust the path chosen for her daughter's future and the man worthy of her daughter's love. M romance hurt-comfort


Tonight is ours. Loving all through the night. A simple short one-shot! M romance

Remember Us: Feel The Same As I Do

Love shall not be forced and or misguided. Many are deceived and tricked into that what shouldn't be but only true love and honesty could defeat the tainted. Feelings concealed because of fear of complications, being colleagues…best friends. Taking a risk of losing a friendship. But when love is the only answer, what choice shall be made? M romance adventure