Atticus and the Throne of Atlantis

Atticus going through a rebellious phase such as smoking, drinking, and his grades in school are even slipping. This worries everyone, and it's because his birthday is coming up, and he wonders what the point of his life is and wonders about the family he never knew about, and when a new member of the Justice League is about, he goes on a self-discovery journey in this adventure. T hurt-comfort drama

These Lies

She's been plucked away from all she has ever known, a lost child in a sea of darkness. Diana, daughter of Hippolyta, Princess of the Amazon's, has completely disappeared from existence. Thousands of miles away in the world of man, another being has been missing for nearly six months; Kal-EL, the famed Superman, gone as if he never existed. M romance hurt-comfort

Into the Sun

Part 21 of my post "Justice League" film series. Barry awakens to see the damage left in Darkseid's wake. As each member of the League attempts to heal, it becomes clear that Clark cannot. Only with help and a potential sacrifice from Diana can he recover. T hurt-comfort romance

Game of Love and Pain

The Gods like to meddle just for fun or curiousity. When Eros, the God of Love and Desire, decides to test the love of Diana and Kal, Strife, the Goddess of Chaos and Discord wants to help, but things don't go as planned and spiral out of control... T romance hurt-comfort

Holding Back

Part 17 of my post "Justice League"(2017) series. After some new readings from the Motherbox, Bruce has designed a new training simulation. Throughout the course of the battle, the team is tested and concerns come to light. A fear of Clark's comes to light and he and Diana have a heart to heart confronting it. T hurt-comfort romance

Saved My Life

Part 15 of my post "Justice League"(2017) series. The League has finally found Lex Luthor. Superman finds himself in need of saving. Diana is there for him T romance hurt-comfort

Take Me as I Am

This is a SuperWonder story that consist of an AU mix of multiple DC universes such as New52, kingdom come, Frank Miller's the Dark Knight series, and Batman Beyond Justice League just to name a few. The pairing of SM/WW will be the focus but plenty of other heroes will make appearances. If you are interested there will be a more detailed summary before the first chapter. M drama hurt-comfort

Òchi mónos

Set after the events of Justice league movie. Clark is finding it hard to adjust to being alive again. It starts to affect his relationship with Lois. He finds that being in the Justice league helps..but there is still something missing. T hurt-comfort emotional angst fluff pain comfort nightmares

Can I Be Him?

Clark and Diana were a couple before a job offer drove Diana to Europe. A year later, they meet again, but a third person is in the way. Entierly AU :: No super powers, just ordinary people. I suck at summaries, obviously. All mistakes are my own. WIP. I will update as I go. T romance hurt-comfort

Lost Wonders

Diana's got everything she ever wanted in life, a loving husband and children, as well as her mother and sisters. She's perfectly content with life, but what is that strange voice calling out to her? And why does it sound like her husband? T hurt-comfort romance