Wrong Earth, Kryptonian

Diana was having a great life till Clark Kent came along. Hold on! Not Clark Kent/Superman, her lover. But yes, it is Clark Kent/Superman… just not HER Kal. Now who is this stranger claiming to be Clark and what does he want? T romance humor

Clark & Diana: Ever After

When they step away from being Superman and Wonder Woman, how normal are their lives? [Collection of SMWW one-shots] M romance family

Clark & Diana: Forever Yours

A look into the lives of Superman and Wonder Woman, when they step away just to be Clark and Diana for a moment. [Collection of SMWW one-shots] T romance

Superman & Wonder Woman: Turning Back Time

Getting hit by a death curse could have been the least of Clark Kent's worries. Meet Clark, who was now living his life trying to find a way to get back to normal — to go back to being twenty-seven, not seventeen. What will happen to his relationship with Princess Diana when he cannot remember a relationship in the first place? Can Diana ever find a cure to help Superman? T romance