An Unkindness Of Ravens

"Diana Prince's life seemed to be a steady stream of screwed up scenarios and alternate endings to the cracked film reel of her life. This stupid world. There was no peace with it. The Gods gathered up the good ones, or orchestrated it so that one was doomed to be stuck in a cycle of never ending anguish." When the word turns it's back on you, you turn your back on the world... T romance angst

Paper Towns

When Pain is all you've got... T angst

Òchi mónos

Set after the events of Justice league movie. Clark is finding it hard to adjust to being alive again. It starts to affect his relationship with Lois. He finds that being in the Justice league helps..but there is still something missing. T hurt-comfort emotional angst fluff pain comfort nightmares

The End

This is the hardest thing she's ever done, but for him, she'd do anything. This is the end. My take on the death of Nu52 Superman. T angst romance

Avenging Justice on Two Earths

After falling through a portal, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman find themselves in New York but not the New York they know. They are confronted by the Avengers, who view them as a threat and hunt them down. Darkseid and Thanos, turn out to be the real threat though so can these two teams work together to stop the two of the most evil beings ever to grace the comic book universes? T adventure angst


Through the power of the fabled Eye of Zeus, Circe the sorceress unveils the hidden secret that can ultimately ensure her victory over the unbeatable Princess of the Amazons... an unrequited love. Part of 'Starcrossed: Man of Steel, Woman of Gold' series. (SM/WW) T romance angst

Another Way

This story takes place during the new 52 'Doomed event'. Diana's thoughts about her relationship with Clark, what it is happening to him and what she may have to do. T angst romance


Clark has been trying his hardest to ignore his desires for too long, and the more he tries to deny it, the greater his obsession with her becomes. Whether Diana is ready for it or not, she'll find it cannot be contained. One shots mostly, now taking requests. T rating may change. T romance angst

Another Day

Wonder Woman #170... What happened after Lois' fateful day. Cause honestly I don't see how this could not have happened after that. K+ angst drama

The Dance Club

Clark seeks out a shaken and angry Diana in London in order to discuss the events of Justice League issues #11 and 12. What he finds may surprise him. T angst hurt-comfort