Where We Stand Together

Teenager Anya Martinez was saved by Clark Kent, and he became her hero. But then she ran away to Gotham and got into trouble no one knows about. Now at twenty-seven, she's dancing in the arms of Bruce Wayne, who knows more about her than he should. Can Batman and Superman save her before a certain villain does? Couples: Batman/OC, Superman/Wonder Woman, Barry Allen/Jessica Cruz T drama romance


She'd always found it difficult to let go of the past, and this time perhaps it would be her downfall. M romance drama


The Justice League is saved by a mysterious stranger and now everyone wants answers. The government views him as a possible threat, Lois Lane sees him as her next big break, the Justice League sees him as another thing to worry about, and Steve Trevor views him as a threat to his relationship with Diana. He just wants to be left alone but a certain Wonder Woman won't allow that. M romance drama

Taking the Mantle

Clark and Diana Kent. Two super beings who chose to ignore their calling and play house instead. Bit by bit, the both of them will have to face what they kept avoiding. Hey it could be worse, at least they have each other. A journey for the ultimate power couple to realise and accept who they are. M romance drama

Early Egress

Hippolyta is confronted with the consequences of her decisions and is forced to leave, small daughter in tow. Eventual Superman/Wonder Woman Follows New52-ish with Pre-New52 as well. T romance drama

Superman Wonder Woman : War for Love

When the world find about the love of Superman/Wonder woman, can the two powerful begins on the planet survive the wrath of the world. Superman / Wonder woman pairing, and Batman/ Catwoman pairing M drama family

Storm From Above

AU. Raised in Olympus by her father Zeus, after her mother was murdered and her home destroyed, Diana has spent her life training for a war she doesn't even know is coming. When she is thrust into the outside world for a mission, secrets are uncovered and Diana must decide what side of the war she is on - but how can she when the lines between good and bad are so blurred? T drama hurt-comfort

Crashed Landings: A new background

What if Kal's ship did not crash in Smallville? What if it landed somewhere else, Themiscyra to be exact. What would life be like for him if he grew up with Hippolyta as a mother? What would happen to his and Diana's relationship? AU. SM/WW T romance drama

Stay With Me

Drama: Injustice-inspired short AU focusing on the video game's relatively unexplored relationship between Superman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. *RATED M for MATURE.* M drama

Alien and the Goddess of War

Power couple (superman and wonder woman) how they meet, their love forged, in a new vision, slightly taken from the new 52. And man of steel. T romance drama