These Words

The sequel to More then Words. Can Superman and Wonder Woman resolve what they feel for each other? M romance drama

More Than Words

There is a lot more than meets the eye with Clark and Diana. Set in the JL/JLU universe. M romance drama

Company Man

He concluded that he was going to be late, and as it turned out he didn't make it in to work at all that day. Midtown traffic was just that thick he'd later explain—unrelenting, almost inexhaustible, and exceedingly distracting. M romance drama

The Birthday Present

An answer to a request/challenge from a friend at the SMWW Yahoo group. Question: Could there ever be a scenario where Lois would share her husband Clark with Diana? Would Clark & Diana agree? incorporates 3 other challenges. M drama humor

Separate Lives

This is one fan's idea of addressing a few issues between best friends, Wonder Woman and Superman. T drama angst