A Matter Of Circumstance

There was prophecy that would end Apollo's reign. A tale of two friends and their obstacles. I, the writer, present you the tale of a fallen Kryptonian and the Amazon Princess. Formerly A Princess's Tale T romance fantasy


Part 23 in my post "Justice League"(2017) series. Superman and Darkseid have one last battle. The League looks to end the threat of Darkseid. It will take them all to do it T fantasy


A retelling of the battle for Asgard. The way it should have been. And yes, my opinion is the supreme opinion. I have spoken. However, comments, criticisms, and what have you are greatly appreciated. T adventure fantasy

COSMIC DANCE: Windmill of the Gods

The middle portion of my much longer fic "Cosmic Dance", which I've been told can stand on its own. This fic is SM/WW, and tackles the question of bringing Clark and Diana together in the DCAU. M romance fantasy

Round Robin: A Medieval Fantasy

A DC Elseworlds story set in a Medieval era similar to that of Middle Earth, with a focus on Diana and Kal. Each chapter has been written by a different author. Please visit our profile for more information about this fic. Superman/Wonder Woman pairing. T romance fantasy

Cosmic Dance

The untold story from JLU's "Epilogue". Kinda long for a one-shot, but explores the SM/WW side of things as Clark and Diana steal some time away together amidst the pressures of superheroics and running a kingdom. M romance fantasy

The Princess and the Cowboy

Clark Kent with no idea of his unique heritage marries Lana & takes over the family farm, until tragedy strikes. Clark travels to Metropolis looking for a new start, an encounter with an Agent from Meta-Human Affairs changes the course of his life forever K+ sci-fi fantasy

Superman: The Age of Superheroes 1938 to tomorrow

Active Again. 1943 The Heroes return to a World at War. Black Magic, The Cult of the Crimson Flame in DC, intrigue in N.Africa, with guest star Liberty Bell joining Lois in Casablanca. Superman joins Dr Fate on the Eastern Front. Ares Rises - Wotan plans K+ fantasy sci-fi

Prince Consort

An Elseworlds story, featuring Superman and Wonder Woman in different roles. Some controversial ideas. Some usage of Greek terms. A new setting. Some mature content. My gratitude to the SMWW group who encouraged me to post it. M fantasy romance