A Race Against Time

The El children are sent to the past to save the universe. Earth has been invaded by Darkseid and a new motherbox has been forged. Their task: prevent Scott Free to create the sole destruction of the universe and save their parents from the Apokoliptian brainwash. SMWW M sci-fi romance

Knights of Apokolips

A Bonnie and Clyde esque story where Diana and Kal are the titular characters as members of Darkseid's Elite. Will they become heroes or live forever for Darkseid? T sci-fi romance


Part 20 of my post "Justice League" film series. Picks up where last in series (Divided We Fall) left off. Superman and Wonder Woman come to the aid of Aquaman. Things take a turn for the worse when Darkseid shows up. T suspense sci-fi

Batman v Superman DOJ Sequel

The Justice League are facing the biggest threat of their lives with Superman now presumed dead Darkseid is now heading to earth to get the motherboxes he had left all those centuries ago Batman believes they will lose due to Superman being dead but little do they know that a certain kryptonian was now on his way back to earth after being away for a whole year. K+ sci-fi romance

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice sequel

CONTAINS SPOILERS OF BVS. DO NOT read if you haven't watched Batman vs Superman. This fiction takes place after the movie and my version of Justice league: Part one. SM/WW pairing. Please read and let me know what you think! T sci-fi romance

Superman x Wonder Woman: Flying High

Two of Earth's greatest heroes develop an unbreakable bond, while dark forces threaten to take over the world. T sci-fi romance

Bullet to the Heart

Kryptonite bullet and bedside confession. unrated sci-fi romance

Blind, Deaf and Mute

What if the government had complete control over human society leaving you barely any rights as a citizen? And heroes are disguised beneath masks to hide their identities to protect themselves from the government officials and take extreme precautions not to be caught. Set in the future of 2510 and machines control the Earth. SM/WW. JLAU T sci-fi angst

Queen of Arrakus and Prince of Krypton

Extreme DC Elseworld story. Princess Diana is in an alliance marriage. Themyscria is on a planet called Ammos along with ONE other country called Arrakus. Certain prince from Krypton visits a certain princess of Themyscira and stuff begins to stir and alliances and empires begin to fall. T romance sci-fi

The Last Son of Krypton and The Amazon Princess

This story takes place in an AU, so it will follow if at all loosely what is happening in The Justice League, it picks up with Issue 12 of The New 52. Mainly it will deal with the interactions between SM & WW. It is largely a love story and loaded with M (lots of smut) material as well as violence because let's face it who doesn't like violence? The Gods will make appearances! M romance sci-fi