Fix my baby

Two babies and a bunch of grownups running from red eyes, A angry Diana wanting her older lover back. K+ humor supernatural

The Homecoming

The Dark Knight of Gotham. The Mistress of Magic. Two individuals brought together by circumstance, bound together by dark desires. The Outer Darkness is calling them; can their love and the love of their friends, Superman and Wonder Woman, lead them to the light, or will they fall? What sacrifice will be made to save the world from the evil forces that strive to tear it apart. AU. M horror supernatural

The Corrosive

It's not a new story! Sorry about that. Still the same sequel to Angel Mine. I I took down The Corrosive to fix the prayer spoken by Diana at the end of the book. I like this new one better. Fits Diana more elegantly. I didn't know how to edit just one part of the book, so there you go. Anyway, other than the prayer, it's the exact same story as the one I posted before. M supernatural romance

Scions of Rao

The end of the universe is drawing near, and only the combined might of Rao's sons can stop the tide of destruction. SMWW, MMXSBXWG, BMXCW. AU crossover of Superman Wonder Woman comics with Young Justice. M romance supernatural

Cosmic Destiny

POST MOS- Clark has a lot to handle now that he's Superman.But even the Man of Steel wasn't expecting what was coming up next. When an Amazon princess comes to earth, Clark has to face new realities to his life, along with a new set of challenges he wasn't expected to have upon her arrival. A SupermanxWonderWoman fanfic. T supernatural romance

The Place Where the Black Stars Hang

Clark and Diana travel to Paradise Island so Diana may deliver their baby safely. But will they be truly safe there? And is Paradise Island what it seems? An ancient evil and retribution awaits, threatening to overwhelm Superman and Wonder Woman - and the Justice League and Earth itself, unless our heroes find the means to recognize it and resist in time. Sequel to The Red House. T supernatural horror

The Red House

Clark Kent returns to Smallville, with his new wife Diana, hoping for peace after tragedy, but they will encounter something terrifying in the town's past, a terror Clark, not yet Superman, encountered long ago. Bit of an AU here, and crossover. T supernatural horror