The Switch

Chaos ensue when enemies join forces to help Clark and Diana spend time together. T humor romance

What Would Diana Do?

Something inspired from the SM/WW group unrated

Legends of DC Universe 30-32

In response to the challenge at Superman Wonder Woman group on Deviant Art on changing the ending between Superman and Wonder Woman in a comic or cartoon. unrated romance

Three Little Words

unrated fluff

The Blow Off

This fic follows Ronnie K’s One Dark Night. (BGI: Mature Content & Crude Humor) MA


Following Paradise Lost. unrated pregnancy romance

Flash's Halloween Party

Flash throws a Halloween Party for the Justice League and with help from an enemy of Superman’s, chaos ensues. T humor

Broken Vows

I was inspired to write this story after reading by Djinn’s story, Peering Through Splintered Glass which is an awesome story btw. A million thanks to Djinn for allowing me permission to write this story and post it. I would also like to send a special thanks to Ronnie K for giving me the title. M romance adultery


In response to the Red Kryptonite Challenge. M romance red-kryptonite

That Fateful Night

One special night in Diana and Bruce's lives that decided the fate of their relationship. Set in the JL/JLU universe. M