Meal Planning






A Date with Daddy

It's Lyta's turn as she learns about the world of dating from her parents Superman and Wonder Woman. K+ family humor

Sneaking In

Stood up, Jimmy returns home to his apartment he shares with Clark. Will Jimmy's night cut short ruin Clark's plans for the evening? K+ humor

Rescue From Within: Epilogue

After their kiss, Clark and Diana have a talk about the new path they are taking in their lives and the challenges they will face. K+ romance

Doomsday Sanction Epilogue

After dealing with Doomsday, Superman and Wonder Woman get away to unwind. An event from their past resurfaces, as they consider a possible future. K+ romance


Lex Luthor and Darkseid unlikely union to defeat Superman unites the Man of Steel with a powerful ally of his own: Wonder Woman. K+ romance