Amazon Anesthesia Allocution

An injured and delirious Wonder Woman lays everything on the table for Superman. 1 Shot K+ humor friendship

World Domination Pillow Talk

Clark and Diana discuss the pros and cons of becoming dictators. One shot. SM/WW T humor romance

Culture Shock

Jor-El and Lara are discovered to be alive and well. With the help of their son, they must learn to integrate into the bright and diverse culture of Earth from the cold and sterile Krypton. Clark/Diana, Jor/Lara. T romance humor

The Shake Up

When a head injury causes Superman to lose his memory, Wonder Woman takes the opportunity to change the dynamic of their relationship. M romance humor

Living For Tomorrow

For centuries men have been taken from Man's World to Themyscira and used to fulfill ancient Amazon traditions. When Superman becomes their latest captive, their whole world changes. M romance humor

I Can See Forever In Your Eyes

In attempt to better understand the people in Man's World, Diana gets Clark Kent to be her boyfriend. T humor romance

Kent & Prince at the Movies

Clark & Diana watch The Avengers. My first 1 shot, silly idea, just to kick the tires. K+ humor