Part 24 of my post "Justice League" film series. The aftermath of the battle with Darkseid. Everyone needs someone to care for them. T friendship romance

Cycle of Pain

Diana uses the lasso of truth on Bruce. Nobody is happy. Missing scene in Injustice part 2 in Superman's ending. This is a scene of what might have happened after Batman has been captured by Superman and Wonder Woman, but before Superman uses Brainiac's technology to brainwash Batman. K friendship death end violence suffering love control sadism warrior sadness what-was what-is lasso-of-truth truth refusing-to-let-go mind-control

A Different Origin

Far into the cosmos, when Krypton exploded, a slight change caused a 10-year old Kal-El to be sent to Ancient Greece when the Amazons walked the Earth without bitterness. Watch as he roams the world in a journey of self-discovery. The Gods and Demons are unaware of his existence, but for how long? M adventure friendship

Amazon Anesthesia Allocution

An injured and delirious Wonder Woman lays everything on the table for Superman. 1 Shot K+ humor friendship


Part 16 of my post "Justice League"(2017) series. The team deals with the aftermath of the attack on Superman. Concerns and fears come to light. Clark and Diana wake up to the reality of their newfound relationship. T romance friendship

The Flu

Even Wonder Woman gets sick sometimes, folks. K friendship humor

Way Back Home

A strong friendship is built between an escaped alien from another planet and an exiled princess from an ancient civilization; a bond that would eventually grow as love. But when duties must be carried out, will they still be able to hold onto that bond? SM/WW Disclaimer: Characters, etc are not mine. T friendship romance

Revealed To The World

A continuation of 'A New World', in which Diana begins her exploration of Man's World with Clark Kent at her side. She will learn what it means to be human and ultimately, embrace her role as Wonder Woman. T friendship romance


A moment of intimacy and a conversation between lovers. M romance friendship sexual-content

Elephants in the Room

SM/WW. A series of interconnected one-shots exploring the relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman in the DC New 52 universe. K romance friendship