Wonder Woman and Superman in Double Date (New 52)

The only thing Clark wants to do is spend a quiet night out with Diana. To his dismay, a romantic dinner for two turns into an annoying dinner for four when Lois Lane and Jon Carroll hijack Clark and Diana's date. M romance friendship

Wonder Woman and the Kryptonian Ceremonial Battle Armor

Just a tiny little glimpse into a slice of life of WW and SM. M romance friendship

Wonder Woman and Superman in A View From Diana's Gallery (New 52)

This story is told from three different perspectives: Zola's, Hera's and Lennox's. Ever wondered what "Diana's Gallery" really think of Diana and their relationship with her and each other? If so, this is that story. (New 52) T friendship family

What Would Krypto Do?

Krypto Meets Wonder Woman K friendship

Wonder Woman and Superman in Between Us and Them (New 52)

This gapfiller story delves into the thoughts of Clark before, during, and after kryptonite is stolen from the Bat cave in Justice League #19 and his fight with Orion in Superman #20 (New 52). T romance friendship

Wonder Woman and Superman in Dating for Heroes

One-shot. This fic takes place between the end of "Throne of Atlantis" and the Valentine special. (New 52) T romance friendship

Wonder Woman and Superman in Flying

One-shot gapfiller that takes place after Clark takes Diana to Smallville and before their official first date. (New 52) T romance friendship


It's a relationship that defies categorization, always caught somewhere in the between. Extended version/ companion to my fic Saltwater; everything from Superman's perspective. T friendship hurt-comfort

Date with Superman

Story describes a date with Superman. Some Mature content. M romance friendship


"The cure for anything is always saltwater: sweat, tears, or the sea." -Unknown One-shot: my theory on what it might take to move an Amazon warrior to tears and who would be there to help her through it. K+ hurt-comfort friendship