The Dream

Clark had been dreaming, and had his dream reveal a little bit too much about his secret feelings for his best friend? SM/WW, Superman’s PoV, set in the current timeline. K romance friendship

Another New Year's Resolution

Follow up to New Year's Resolution. A year has passed and it is New Year's Eve again and Superman is once more on Monitor Duty trying to think of a resolution for the year ahead. K+ romance friendship

New Year's Resolution

It is New Year's Eve and Clark is trying to think of a Resolution for the year ahead. SM/WW. K romance friendship

The Spar

ONE-SHOT of Diana and Kal-El. A take on a friendship and possible relationship : First one-shot! Hellacre13 told me to give it a shot, so I did. K+ romance friendship

Justice University

Justice League as college students, with special emphasis on Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman K romance friendship

The Rebirth of Champions

When Diana is forced to sacrifice for her gods, Clark must stand by her side. T friendship romance

Something More Than Just Friends

Diana is rejected by Bruce and goes for Clark. Will their affair end as soon as it begins? T friendship hurt-comfort


It was small, it happened so slowly. The signs were easy to miss. Superman and Wonder Woman. K romance friendship