The future

Batman has a huge announcement forcing Clark and Diana to think about the future in their relationship. A SM/WW fanfic story. K romance humor

Gatsby's Green Light

Clark decides to learn how to dance... T romance humor

Superman and Wonder Woman-Kiss the Girl

The Man of Steel tries to kiss the Princess of Themyscira K+ romance humor

Third Time's The Charm

Clark worries too much. With reason whenever Diana's involved. One shot. K humor


Two regular people gossip about Supes and Wondy. Who doesn't? M romance humor gossip

Diana Does Diplomacy

Wonder Woman has a long, hard day ahead of her… M sexual-content romance humor


Another poem written for the SMWWyahoogroup unrated humor poetry

Not Alone

Sequel to my one-shot "The Spar". Read it and find out. Oh yeah and this is a request to melympe! I did some editing at the end. K+ romance humor

Flash's Halloween Party

Flash throws a Halloween Party for the Justice League and with help from an enemy of Superman’s, chaos ensues. T humor

Justice League Ladies - Operation Sucker Punch

Tired of their Justice League men not admitting their true feelings the ladies take the initiative to sock it to them. Pairings SMWW, BMZZ, VV, HGGL, FF,GABC, QH M romance humor