Breathe Again

The whole world has lost a great hero; the Justice League has lost a friend and companion but Wonder Woman has lost a friend and a husband. So when time comes when she needs to be more than just WW, will she find the ways to move on in a world where she has lost her Superman? A "what if?" scenario to"In the safety of their hearts". T tragedy hurt-comfort

The future

Batman has a huge announcement forcing Clark and Diana to think about the future in their relationship. A SM/WW fanfic story. K romance humor

Way Back Home

A strong friendship is built between an escaped alien from another planet and an exiled princess from an ancient civilization; a bond that would eventually grow as love. But when duties must be carried out, will they still be able to hold onto that bond? SM/WW Disclaimer: Characters, etc are not mine. T friendship romance

I'll never go

Diana's letter to Clark... Part of my"Two Worlds" storyline with our DC couple, Superman and Wonder Woman Warning: Might contain spoilers for those who have not read Two Worlds and are intending to read it. K romance drama

Two Worlds

Alternate Universe-Three planets: Earth, Krypton and Gaia exist together in one galaxy with different cultures and some shaky alliances. A young man who grew up in Earth travel to Krypton to find out who he really is. In another planet the Themysciran princess must face her greatest challenge yet: a forced marriage. In a complicated universe an unlikely love then blossoms SM/WM T romance drama

The Greatest Christmas Gift

Diana tries to find the perfect Christmas gift for her husband for their first Christmas as a married couple and as she does, she finds herself getting close to feeling the spirit of Christmas with Clark A Christmas special chapter with Superman and Wonder Woman. This is connected to the "Lucky" storyline as an extra. I do not own the characters etc, just the story idea T romance drama

In the safety of their hearts

Sequel to "Lucky". Clark and Diana arrives in Metropolis to investigate the recent attack from Doomsday. Although strong as their love for each other may be, dangers await the happy couple at every turn... Disclaimer: Characters etc is not mine. Just the story idea M romance drama

The Light that will last for a thousand years

Short story linked/prequel to "Lucky" storyline... Clark asks Diana a very important question which leads to one of the most memorable events in their lives T romance drama


Clark Kent arrived back in Smallville with his new wife Diana. There, they experience the life of a newly wed couple... T romance drama