Part 24 of my post "Justice League" film series. The aftermath of the battle with Darkseid. Everyone needs someone to care for them. T friendship romance


Darkseid begins an attack on Metropolis. The team moves to stop him even though Arthur and Clark are still M.I.A. They give it all they got to stop Darkseid's attack. Victor comes to a realization during the battle. Will help come in time? Will help come at all? T

New Beginnings

Barry is helping Clark move into a new place. Barry's found someone just as Clark's relationship has ended. Diana shows up to remind Clark that things are going to be okay. K


Deathstroke seeks out Batman with the intent to finish their feud and give him an honorable death. K


Part 23 in my post "Justice League"(2017) series. Superman and Darkseid have one last battle. The League looks to end the threat of Darkseid. It will take them all to do it T fantasy

Into the Sun

Part 21 of my post "Justice League" film series. Barry awakens to see the damage left in Darkseid's wake. As each member of the League attempts to heal, it becomes clear that Clark cannot. Only with help and a potential sacrifice from Diana can he recover. T hurt-comfort romance


Part 20 of my post "Justice League" film series. Picks up where last in series (Divided We Fall) left off. Superman and Wonder Woman come to the aid of Aquaman. Things take a turn for the worse when Darkseid shows up. T suspense sci-fi

Divided We Fall

Part 19 of my post "Justice League" film series. Barry stumbles upon the aftermath of what happened to Bruce and Victor. Arthur has located Luthor and Deathstroke. He also encounters their newest recruit. Bruce awakens to find himself face to face with the League's greatest threat. Diana and Clark are left to put the pick up the pieces. T suspense


Part 18 of my post "Justice League" film series. Bruce is training Barry in hand to hand combat. Some unsettling news from Victor on the Motherbox has Clark feeling introspective. Is the team ready for what is coming? T romance

Holding Back

Part 17 of my post "Justice League"(2017) series. After some new readings from the Motherbox, Bruce has designed a new training simulation. Throughout the course of the battle, the team is tested and concerns come to light. A fear of Clark's comes to light and he and Diana have a heart to heart confronting it. T hurt-comfort romance