Prove to Me You're Mine

Inspired by volume 4 of the Justice League comics. Superman was unknowingly poisoned by Kryptonite, but everyone else thought the Pandora’s Box was the key. Wonder Woman wanted to save him, yet Superman was too consumed by jealousy and rage to see her heart. She’d have to prove it… Rated M for smut. M reluctance sex mild-bondage lasso-of-truth angry-sex

Double Date

Diana wants to take Clark on a double date with Bruce and J'onn. Bruce is reluctant, but J'onn wants to see how it goes. Bruce has never really been able to refuse J'onn. T double-dating dating telepathic-bond semi-public-sex shapeshifting

Natural Harmonics

The Avengers: A crazy-popular rock band with a charismatic/eccentric singer. The Justice League: A struggling indie-rock band with a scheming/mastermind lead guitarist. Somewhere along these lines, things turn mighty awkward. M alternate-universe rock-band no-powers rock-stars sex-drugs-rock-and-roll enemies-to-lovers explicit-language crack-crossover crack-treated-seriously

The Intimacy Pod

On Krypton, lovers used special devices called Intimacy Pods in which they shared their passions to the utmost. During their latest date night, Clark and Diana decide to test one out. MA romance oral sexual-content

Superman/Wonder Woman: Lust

Superman and Wonder Woman get busy. MA sexual-content

Same Time Next Week

Superman needs help only a Wonder Woman can give. MA sexual-content

Diana Does Diplomacy

Wonder Woman has a long, hard day ahead of her… M sexual-content romance humor

Isle of Eros

Superman and Wonder Woman investigate a mystical disturbance that leads them to a mysterious island. On this island, their passions are heightened and, with some special guidance, they learn to explore them. MA sexual-content anal oral