Love, Remain The Same

Gabriel takes over a cupid's bow and arrows for a day and realizes that he shouldn't quit his day job. unrated cupid bow-and-arrow love unrequited-love lasso-of-truth superheroes alien brothers true-love trickster kissing gym happiness joy

Prove to Me You're Mine

Inspired by volume 4 of the Justice League comics. Superman was unknowingly poisoned by Kryptonite, but everyone else thought the Pandora’s Box was the key. Wonder Woman wanted to save him, yet Superman was too consumed by jealousy and rage to see her heart. She’d have to prove it… Rated M for smut. M reluctance sex mild-bondage lasso-of-truth angry-sex

Cycle of Pain

Diana uses the lasso of truth on Bruce. Nobody is happy. Missing scene in Injustice part 2 in Superman's ending. This is a scene of what might have happened after Batman has been captured by Superman and Wonder Woman, but before Superman uses Brainiac's technology to brainwash Batman. K friendship death end violence suffering love control sadism warrior sadness what-was what-is lasso-of-truth truth refusing-to-let-go mind-control