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A Race Against Time

The El children are sent to the past to save the universe. Earth has been invaded by Darkseid and a new motherbox has been forged. Their task: prevent Scott Free to create the sole destruction of the universe and save their parents from the Apokoliptian brainwash. SMWW M sci-fi romance

How did they meet?

He bumped with the citizen and they both fell to the ground. His glasses were off his face, and while he was picking them up he was saying "I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to…" and in that moment he was speechless. In front of him was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. This is a possible first encounter between a certain amazon princess and the last son of Krypton. K+ romance

Love, Remain The Same

Gabriel takes over a cupid's bow and arrows for a day and realizes that he shouldn't quit his day job. unrated cupid bow-and-arrow love unrequited-love lasso-of-truth superheroes alien brothers true-love trickster kissing gym happiness joy


Quando a Rainha Hipólita estava moldando sua filha, nas praias de Themyscira, um acontecimento único muda toda a história. Última mulher de Krypton, abençoada pelas deusas, criada pelas amazonas, Diana se mostra ainda mais surpreendente, sendo a reencarnação de Jasmine Potter, a Mestra da Morte. MA

“You’re doing it wrong!” (Waid-Ross “Kingdom Come” verse)

Clark teaches his family some valuable lessons; some intentional, others not as much. T

Prove to Me You're Mine

Inspired by volume 4 of the Justice League comics. Superman was unknowingly poisoned by Kryptonite, but everyone else thought the Pandora’s Box was the key. Wonder Woman wanted to save him, yet Superman was too consumed by jealousy and rage to see her heart. She’d have to prove it… Rated M for smut. M reluctance sex mild-bondage lasso-of-truth angry-sex


Darkseid begins an attack on Metropolis. The team moves to stop him even though Arthur and Clark are still M.I.A. They give it all they got to stop Darkseid's attack. Victor comes to a realization during the battle. Will help come in time? Will help come at all? T

Double Date

Diana wants to take Clark on a double date with Bruce and J'onn. Bruce is reluctant, but J'onn wants to see how it goes. Bruce has never really been able to refuse J'onn. T double-dating dating telepathic-bond semi-public-sex shapeshifting

Natural Harmonics

The Avengers: A crazy-popular rock band with a charismatic/eccentric singer. The Justice League: A struggling indie-rock band with a scheming/mastermind lead guitarist. Somewhere along these lines, things turn mighty awkward. M alternate-universe rock-band no-powers rock-stars sex-drugs-rock-and-roll enemies-to-lovers explicit-language crack-crossover crack-treated-seriously

Cycle of Pain

Diana uses the lasso of truth on Bruce. Nobody is happy. Missing scene in Injustice part 2 in Superman's ending. This is a scene of what might have happened after Batman has been captured by Superman and Wonder Woman, but before Superman uses Brainiac's technology to brainwash Batman. K friendship death end violence suffering love control sadism warrior sadness what-was what-is lasso-of-truth truth refusing-to-let-go mind-control