Cycle of Pain

Diana uses the lasso of truth on Bruce. Nobody is happy. Missing scene in Injustice part 2 in Superman's ending. This is a scene of what might have happened after Batman has been captured by Superman and Wonder Woman, but before Superman uses Brainiac's technology to brainwash Batman. K friendship death end violence suffering love control sadism warrior sadness what-was what-is lasso-of-truth truth refusing-to-let-go mind-control

Broken Bullets in a Loaded Gun

Jason's been living outside the war for a long time, refusing to join either side while he tries to keep the world's innocents from becoming collateral damage. But that can't last forever. Eventually Damian shows up in his safehouse, there to enforce Superman's demand that Jason come to the Watchtower. He expects to have to choose a side, but as it turns out, the decision's already been made. M mind-control torture psychological-torture suffering