Love, Remain The Same

Gabriel takes over a cupid's bow and arrows for a day and realizes that he shouldn't quit his day job. unrated cupid bow-and-arrow love unrequited-love lasso-of-truth superheroes alien brothers true-love trickster kissing gym happiness joy

Natural Harmonics

The Avengers: A crazy-popular rock band with a charismatic/eccentric singer. The Justice League: A struggling indie-rock band with a scheming/mastermind lead guitarist. Somewhere along these lines, things turn mighty awkward. M alternate-universe rock-band no-powers rock-stars sex-drugs-rock-and-roll enemies-to-lovers explicit-language crack-crossover crack-treated-seriously

Cycle of Pain

Diana uses the lasso of truth on Bruce. Nobody is happy. Missing scene in Injustice part 2 in Superman's ending. This is a scene of what might have happened after Batman has been captured by Superman and Wonder Woman, but before Superman uses Brainiac's technology to brainwash Batman. K friendship death end violence suffering love control sadism warrior sadness what-was what-is lasso-of-truth truth refusing-to-let-go mind-control

Bonus SuperWonder Fic

Diana and Clark come to the same conclusion about their feelings about each other. K love-confessions fanart